Interface GlimpsePainter

    • Method Detail

      • paintTo

        void paintTo​(GlimpseContext context)
        Renders this GlimpsePainter to the provided GlimpseContext. The context defines the GLContext to use. The GlimpseContext also specifies where this GlimpsePainter should be rendered via the RenderTarget contained in the GlimpseContext.
      • setLookAndFeel

        void setLookAndFeel​(LookAndFeel laf)
        Sets display options for the painter based on the provided LookAndFeel.
      • setVisible

        void setVisible​(boolean visible)
        A painter which is set to non-visible should make no OpenGL calls when its paintTo method is called.
      • isVisible

        boolean isVisible()
      • dispose

        void dispose​(GlimpseContext context)
        Free GPU and CPU memory associated with this this GlimpsePainter. After this call returns, the results of calling other GlimpsePainter methods besides isDisposed( ) are undefined.
      • isDisposed

        boolean isDisposed()